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Photo showing Maxine Laceby, a white lady with short curly silver hair, standing outside by some hedges and wearing a long cream coat
May 5, 2021

Maxine’s April Roundup: Hairdressers, Magazine Interviews, and… Gary Barlow?!

I hope you are all well as we ease gently out of lockdown - gently being the word my end having enjoyed a couple of alfresco coffees and meals with friends. It feels good to be actually seeing friends and family face to face - we all need that contact.

Did anyone see the celebrity Absoluter sharing his 'secret ingredient’ on social media? We were all talking about it at AC HQ, and our Absoluters Facebook group was loving it, too! Yes, that’s right - it was Gary Barlow! It’s incredible to know we're in such good company among the celebs.

Photo from Gary Barlow's Instagram stories showing the contents of a black Absolute Collagen sachet being squeezed into a blender

Talking of good company, we are heading for five and a half thousand members in the Absoluters group! It’s an amazing place to be and I always look forward to catching up with the posts.

Exciting awards news… Maxerum made the finals of the very prestigious Pure Global Beauty Awards. We’re in great company there too. We’re up for the Best New Anti-Ageing Product category - the finals are taking place in May, so fingers crossed everyone. 🤞🏻

Another piece of exciting news is that I was interviewed by Closer magazine, shouting about how amazing we all are. It’s always great to talk about the skills we women have - skills we can sometimes overlook in ourselves, and it’s important to celebrate them. I will let you know when it's out!

Let’s talk lockdown hair… Have you been to the hairdressers? I have, and boy did I need it! Oh, the simple things are now so precious!

Did you have a chop? Or has lockdown enabled you to grow those luxurious locks? Did your hairdresser mention how amazing your hair was? If so, I would love to hear - in fact, I would love to see, too! Share a photo on social media along with your hairdressers' comments, don't forget to tag me @maxinelaceby or @absolutecollagen! Or simply share on the Absoluters page - I know our wonderful social butterfly Katy loves to see them.

So, the big question is: has it been the gym or the pub garden for you? Or even both! It's been the gym for me, not that I love it by any means, but being 55, I have to do all I can to stay healthy and look after myself.

You guys know I am a runner; however, Rosie has had a poorly foot, so I have had to leave her at the door - OMG, that face!

Look after yourselves and be kind to each other - and enjoy the sunny spring weather!

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