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Photo showing Maxine Laceby holding balloons and standing against a background of gold balloons, she is wearing a brightly coloured dress and smiling widely
March 31, 2021

Maxine’s March Roundup: Celebrating Birthdays, Comedy Nights, and the Start of Spring!

Not sure about you, but I really seem to have enjoyed the simple things Spring brings this year more than ever. Perhaps covid has taught me to slow down - not a bad thing, hey!

As we hit the first milestone out of the pandemic, I am looking forward to an alfresco meal with friends, and have my fingers crossed for nice weather! What are you most excited for?

The Absoluters page continues to be a hive of loveliness - it’s the place I go for what I refer to as my virtual hug at the end of the day. If you’re a subscriber, you can request to join here using the password in your confirmation email and the lovely Katy will check that you’re an Absoluter and let you in. We have had a huge influx of lovely new members and posts recently so please bear with us, as it may take some time to get through all the new requests to join!

March is also my birthday month, and I'm all about looking after myself. So this month I started my health kick and am happy to report I have lost 12lb. I could write a chapter on my weight throughout my life! I fluctuate from size 10-16 and have used food as a crutch for all my life. You don't go up and down the scales by three stone by having a healthy relationship with food.

So it's taken 55 years, but a switch seems to have flicked, and I think I get it at long last! This time it's no fads, just good old calorie counting, and I have got to say I'm rather enjoying it. This next stage of my life will be time for me, time for Maxine - and at 55, my health is very much part of that. And now I’ve told you guys, I’ve got to do it as you’ll hold me accountable!

I have always run, it's my thing, and I simply adore it. I just love being outdoors and connecting with nature, no headphones, just being alone with the birds and my thoughts.

I have had a personal trainer for years. Paul accepts me wherever my head is at, no nagging or lecturing, and I respect him for that. If I go up the scales by three stone and I'm not in the right headspace to address it, he offers advice if I ask, but accepts that it's all about what's going on in my head, and that I will get there in my own time. I will be introducing him to our Absoluters soon. Watch this space!

A very poignant moment for me this month was becoming a patron of The Prince’s Trust. Giving back is something we feel strongly about as a family, and we look forward to working with and supporting this fantastic charity.

Another great moment this month was winning a Best Business Woman award! I won in the Made in the UK category, which is so important to me as I am so proud that Absolute Collagen is UK-made and contributes to the UK economy.

Unless you've been asleep, you couldn't have missed the noise surrounding Harry and Megan. Chatting this through with my children, I felt it was my duty to remind them that when someone you love shares something very personal with you, that person decided to share this information with you because they love and trust you, but it's not yours to share with wider audiences. I think this is a lesson we could all learn, and I certainly have through the years. I have had many family and friends share something they have found difficult with me. My duty is to listen and allow them to offload, safe in the knowledge that their personal and often private thoughts and opinions are safe and stay with me.

And finally, we rounded off March with a virtual comedy night for Team AC. It was fantastic to get everyone together on Zoom to enjoy a show from some great comedians - laughter is definitely good for the soul! And of course, we’re all looking forward to being able to have team events in person again someday soon.

Have a good month everyone and I hope you are enjoying spending time outdoors with those you haven't seen for a while.

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