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January 5, 2022

Maxine’s December Roundup: Christmas, New Team Members, and Exciting 2022 Plans!

Hi Absoluters - and a very happy new year to you from myself and all at Team AC. It’s still pretty uncertain out there in the world so I really hope you and your loved ones are safe and well and had a wonderful, peaceful festive break.

Speaking of Team AC, I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve grown again! In December we welcomed two fabulous new members of the Customer Service team, Sofina and Tal, who are here to answer your questions and help give every Absoluter the absolute best experience. After all, you know only too well that customer service is top priority for us here at AC, ensuring you are seen and most certainly heard.

And looking ahead to this year, we’ve also got some exciting plans including news about our Birmingham office. As many of you know, in 2021 we saw such amazing growth that we outgrew our warehouse and office space, and 2022 shows no sign of slowing down either. Keep your eyes peeled for the official announcement…

In the meantime, though, Team AC are following government guidelines which means where possible we’re working from home once again. I absolutely love spending time with the team - it’s amazing for boosting our moods and coming up with exciting new ideas for our fabulous Absoluter community - but what’s even more important is keeping everybody safe. I’m really looking forward to getting together again and enjoying our belated Christmas party and Secret Santa exchange, which we postponed in December due to covid. It just means we’ll be carrying that festive spirit into the new year with us!

Speaking of Christmas, I hope you all had a lovely one. Who opened one of our gorgeous gift cards on Christmas morning? A big warm welcome to the Absoluter family if that was you!

I had an incredibly relaxed Christmas - I hope you got to spend time with family and friends, for me it was a chance to really kick back and recharge.

It was just Margot, Rosie and I on Christmas day itself, so it was very chilled; we went for a lovely walk with Rosie in the morning and then we ate our Christmas dinner on the sofa, which we have never done before! (Shhhhh, my friends will be horrified!) Margot was a tad fragile following her Christmas Eve celebrations so I do feel we had a pass!

We watched lots of movies and ate lots of chocolates - well, I did. Blissful! Then we spent Boxing Day with friends, which was wonderful, and I got lots of running in over the Christmas break - I also did my fastest ever half marathon! Not that I’m into speed, mind you, and I had no idea, it was my Strava friends that pointed it out. Watch this space, as I’m planning a VERY long run this year!!

However you spent Christmas and New Year, I hope it was absolutely lovely - here’s to 2022 and all the exciting plans we have in store for you, Absoluters.

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