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September 04, 2017


Absolute Collagen's Superfood Origin

Absolute Collagen examines the link between bone broth and gelatine - and just why it's so good for you. Except in Absolute Collagen we use the highest grade marine collagen. There are no bones around here but it has the same impact.  We've taken the hard work out for you.

September 04, 2017

Absolute Collagen's Superfood Origin

September 04, 2017

In today’s health-conscious world, ‘superfoods’ are creating a buzz and it’s not uncommon for the average family’s dinner table to contain kale or quinoa in modern times.

But actually, one of the most superior superfoods is a little more old-fashioned. Bone broth. This has literally been consumed for thousands of years as it contains vitamins, minerals – and the most important part – gelatine.

Collagen being made from bone broth in pan

If you boil up some bones for the broth the gelatine is the gloopy bit that sits on the surface. This colourless, flavourless liquid made of animal skin or bones solidifies at room temperature to form a jelly. It is used a lot in desserts and sweets – but minus the sugar has many health benefits.

It is actually the natural protein collagen that forms gelatine. After roasting bones, they are boiled for 48-hours and the collagen is released, forming gelatine. Except in Absolute Collagen we use the highest grade marine collagen. There are no bones around here but it has the same impact, with no slaving over the stove!

A leading researcher, Professor Keith Barr of the University of California has recently proven the link between consuming gelatine, or jelly, and the benefits it has on ligaments and joints.

Image of bones - Absolute Collagen

As seen on Channel Four’s Superfood last week, weight-bearing movements actually stimulate the production of collagen in bones and ligaments. It was shown that someone who consumed 2 pints of sugar-free jelly before exercise showed an increase of 65% more collagen in the bloodstream three hours afterwards.

However, Professor Barr said there is a much easier way than consuming two pints of jelly to get these results – by directly taking hydrolysed collagen. Exactly what Absolute Collagen is!  So it is scientifically proven – if you want to prevent, and even repair, joint and ligament damage – then take your Daily Dose and have the additional benefit of fewer lines and wrinkles!

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