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What Can Collagen Do For Men?
May 12, 2022

What Can Collagen Do For Men?

Thick hair, great nails, and hydrated skin shouldn’t just be exclusive to women. Men can enjoy these benefits too, and a daily collagen supplement is a great way to support these goals. 

Just like the ladies, men’s collagen levels begin to naturally deplete as they get older too. This is where our Absolute Collagen for Men comes in. Continue reading to find out more on what collagen can do for the lads too.

Collagen For Men

With the highest level of concentrated marine collagen peptides packed into a compact-sized sachet, our Absolute Collagen drink for men is a market leader. With 8000mg (8g) of hydrolysed marine collagen, this incredible supplement is a natural boost for tackling dull skin, thinning hair and signs of ageing.

The collagen goodness doesn’t stop there! Each sachet also contains 7.7g of protein as well as essential Vitamin C. Vitamin C naturally encourages your body’s collagen production and merge with enzymes to create collagen in the skin. The perfect companion for that pre or post-workout boost and muscle rejuvenation. *

Infographic of Vitamin C and Enzymes in collagen

Benefits of Collagen For Men

You deserve to feel and look amazing, and our range of collagen products boasts an abundance of perks to get you feeling your absolute best. From the signature sachet drink to the newly launched haircare duo, our collection of collagen-centric products could have you feeling brilliant in no time.

Hydrated Skin For Men

Collagen is the most prevalent and largest protein in the human body, accounting 70% of our dry skin mass. So, naturally once the collagen levels in our body start to decline, our skin begins to suffer by looking dull and showing signs of ageing with wrinkles and fine lines. 

Collagen is vital for restoring old skin cells and creating new ones. The middle layer of our skin is called the dermis, and this is where collagen creates a collection of cells known as fibroblasts where the production of new skin cells appear.

In a consumer study conducted on 714 Absoluters, 90% noticed an increase in skin hydration and 92% experienced a change in softer skin texture in just 6 weeks.

Collagen For Men’s Hair

Balding and hair loss is a common issue amongst men and can really impact self-esteem. Whether it’s receding of the hair line or general thinning of hair strands. Studies show that 66% of men begin to lose hair by the time they are 35 rising to 80% when they are 50. 

Causes on male hair loss infographic

Collagen is instrumental in helping hair to thrive. Alongside the drink, our collagen infused shampoo and conditioner duo is the dream pairing for men seeking thicker and stronger hair. Our resident Trichologist Eva Proudman conducted a consumer survey, where within just 8 weeks our Absoluters saw a 20% increase in the thickness of their hair. 

How to grow thicker hair?

Our shampoo and conditioner duo is made using a unique collagen complex formula which has been developed by leading UK hair specialists. Formulated with the main objective to enhance hair volume and thickness, this newly-launched collection is the star player in helping your hair to grow thicker and fuller.

Using just a small amount and incorporating this duo into your normal haircare routine can lead to visible results in the thickness of your hair. Both the shampoo and conditioner deeply nourishes the hair from root to end whilst hydrating the hair cuticle, delivering shiny, healthy, and volumised locks.

Image of Absoluter James with a testimonial
Image of absoluter Gareth with testimonial

How to make hair healthier?

Absolute Collagen contains all the essential amino acids that your hair needs in order to look and feel its absolute best.

Our Thickening Shampoo and Thickening Conditioner contains both soluble collagen and collagen amino acids. Whilst collagen amino acids work internally to penetrate the hair cortex and thicken the strands from within, soluble collagen externally coats the hair follicle with a protective layer.

Amino acids are responsible for the strength and elasticity of the hair and help to support the natural growth cycle of healthier hair. The shampoo and conditioner duo is packed with these vital amino acids to ensure hair grows back thicker, shinier and more volumised - for your absolute best hair days, every day!

Infographic of all the amino acids featured in AC

To find out more about the science, watch our resident trichologist and UK hair specialist Eva Proudman explain how collagen works for men.

So, now that you know what collagen can do for men and the incredible benefits that come with it, subscribe and become an Absoluter today with incredible subscriber discounts across our range including 18% off our Collagen Sachets and Haircare Duo.

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