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May 24, 2022

Different Types of Collagen – Which is Best?

Here at AC HQ, we love keeping our Absoluters confident, assured, and well-informed.

That’s why we’ve put together this little guide to the different types of collagen – it’s a protein packed with variations, and we know our Absoluters appreciate the science behind the sachet.

Infographic explaining the different types of collagen

Type 1 Collagen

When you’re enjoying your daily sachet of Absolute Collagen, you can do so in the knowledge that you’re treating yourself to a hearty dose of Type 1 collagen.

This kind of collagen protein is by far the most important – after all, it makes up around 90 per cent of the collagen in your body.

Infographic showing breakdown of Absolute Collagen as Type 1

As such, Type 1 collagen fibres can be found in various sites across our bodies, from bones and skin to the connective tissue in between. We love Type 1 collagen for its effects on skin – not to mention the glossy hair and gorgeous nails that keep our Absoluters feeling their absolute best!

There are a range of possible sources for Type 1 collagen, including bone broth and egg whites. We use marine collagen for every sachet of Absolute Collagen, and its liquid, hydrolysed state allows for a 90-95% absorption rate – much higher than food-based sources of collagen or collagen tablets, which have a 40-45% absorption rate. This means you’d need to consume 16 collagen pills to get the same amount of collagen as just one sachet of Absolute Collagen.

Type 2 Collagen

Type 2 collagen, by contrast, isn’t usually associated with anti-ageing properties. It’s found in different parts of the body, too – often in elastic cartilage. Type 2 is said to have some impact on joints and arthritis.

Type 3 Collagen

Type 3 collagen wins the second-place prize for volume found in our bodies, after Type 1 – although since Type 1 makes up about 90 per cent of our collagen, that’s not saying much! Found in the intestines, Type 3 has been connected to muscles, organs, and blood vessels.

Type 4 Collagen

Another form of collagen found in egg whites; Type 4 collagen is involved in organs including kidneys. Structurally, this kind of collagen has a sheet-like formation, in distinction to the helix shape found in other kinds of collagen.

Type 5 Collagen

Unlike the other collagens listed here, Type 5 is more heavily associated with embryonic development. However, Type 5 can also be found in our eyes – and, more specifically, in the cornea.

What’s the best type of collagen?

Type 1 Marine Collagen

Though we’re always keen to brush up our collagen knowledge, there’s no question that Type 1 – as found in the Absolute Collagen you know and love – is the best collagen for those wanting to look and feel their best!

Type 1 collagen has a huge array of beauty benefits, especially when it comes to the look and feel of skin. Regular users of Type 1 collagen like Absolute Collagen report glowing, youthful-looking skin and increased self-confidence.

Beyond gorgeous skin, Type 1 collagen also produces glossier hair – not to mention boosted nails less prone to splitting and breaking.

Plus, as we’ve mentioned, our Type 1 hydrolysed marine collagen is readily absorbed into the body. What’s more, marine collagen is protected from any farmyard diseases that can affect collagen from cows, pigs and chickens, which is another reason why we prefer it.

Marine Collagen vs Other Collagen Sources

It’s also worth noting that alongside 8000mg of Type 1 collagen, each sachet of Absolute Collagen is enriched with 65mg Vitamin C. Not only does this help our bodies make the most of the collagen, but Vitamin C* also helps against tiredness and fatigue.

Absolute Collagen doesn’t just offer glowing skin and lustrous locks – its rich Vitamin C content ensures every dose supports our wonderful Absoluters to feel their absolute best.

Become an Absoluter by starting your AC journey today!

*Vitamin C contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Enjoy a daily dose of Absolute Collagen as part of a balanced, healthy diet and active lifestyle.

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