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Image of Michael Douglas with AC products
June 15, 2022

Meet Absolute Collagen’s New Hair Expert: Celebrity Hairstylist Michael Douglas

At Absolute Collagen, it’s our mission to keep Absoluters informed and empowered with the very best products where collagen is our hero ingredient.

Everything we do is focused around giving you the absolute best experience - and we’re proud to only work with the very best ingredients and people. That’s why we’re incredibly excited to welcome an amazing new hair expert into the AC family: top celebrity hairstylist and hair expert Michael Douglas. 

You might have spotted him at our fabulous haircare launch event, or on our social media - and now, we’re thrilled to welcome him as our latest hair hero here at Team AC.

With over 33 years of experience in all things hair, Michael is trusted by lots of the big names to look after their locks, and when it comes to haircare and hair products, he knows what to use, when to use it, and what to avoid.

We sat down with Michael to chat about his experience and why he loves Absolute Collagen’s new thickening shampoo and conditioner duo.

Hi Michael - can you tell us a little bit about your background and hair expertise?

I’ve been a hair stylist for 33 years. 

I became a teacher of hairdressing back in 1994 whilst working for Wella, specialising in professional hair colouring. My career took a turn as I found myself on contract with P&G, helping develop new and exciting products for global brands. This took me into the beating heart of the R&D department of the biggest hair and beauty company in the world. 

I did this alongside creating beautiful hair for TV commercials, advertising campaigns and Hollywood movies, working with some of the most recognisable famous people in the world. 

During this time I learnt a huge amount about how products work, how trends emerge and how best to solve hair related problems for all hair types. Today, I continue to work in the TV and movie business while growing my online following sharing hair expertise on social media. 

Graphic introducing Michael Douglas

Why do you love Absolute Collagen as a brand? 

Finding solutions to complex modern hair issues is my business. Collagen has emerged as a real key solution to many hair related issues and Absolute Collagen have created fantastic products which deliver amazing results - with a great brand ethos behind them. 

To be able to recommend and advise these products is helping thousands of men and women - and it’s incredibly heartwarming to see and hear the genuine difference Absolute Collagen makes to the Absoluter community, both in terms of product and the expertise and support provided.

Why do you recommend the Absolute Collagen haircare range?

Not often are there new and genuinely innovative formulations in haircare - especially formulations that really deliver. After seeing the results for myself, and the scientific results, it’s an easy recommendation. This haircare really works!

What is so special about Absolute Collagen haircare?

For me, it’s the formulation - it’s new, it’s groundbreaking, and it’s proven to work. Collagen has some incredible benefits for our hair and this shampoo and conditioner harnesses that power really effectively. I love that it’s gentle, but effective, and the results really speak for themselves. I was really impressed with the clinical trial results (where hair was up to 20% thicker in just 8 weeks of using the Absolute Collagen shampoo and conditioner) and I just think these products are so exciting!

And finally… What are your top 3 tips for good haircare in general?

Tip one, I would advise you to shampoo regularly. My feeling is shampoo is for the roots and conditioner is for the ends. 

Tip two is don't be too rough with your hair when shampooing. Let the shampoo do the work and massage the scalp, not the hair. 

Tip three - take your time! Rinse your hair for 30 seconds longer than you normally would and use fresh running water i.e. not in the bath.

Michael Douglas' top 3 haircare tips inforgraphic

So there you have it - recommended by Michael Douglas himself, Absolute Collagen’s groundbreaking shampoo and conditioner duo is the powerhouse pair YOUR hair will love.  

Combining soluble collagen which works on the hair cuticle to nourish and protect externally, and collagen amino acids that penetrate into the hair cortex to strengthen and thicken from within, our thickening shampoo and conditioner work in perfect harmony to create your absolute best hair days.

Enjoy an exclusive £6 saving when you subscribe - and keep an eye out for Michael, too, as we have plenty of exciting things lined up with our new hair hero, exclusively for Absoluters…

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