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January 06, 2020


7 tips to feel energised coming back from the Christmas break

Facing those back to work blues? Here's some helpful tips and tricks to make the most of your first day back at the office after a long Christmas break.

January 06, 2020

First day back to work? Here are tips and tricks to help you cope

January 06, 2020

Over the Christmas break, your everyday routine disappears.

Nobody's judging you for eating chocolate for breakfast, or watching five films in a row. That's what the holiday break is for! But the first day back to work is when reality finally settles in.

On the first day back after holiday indulgence, how do you cope with what scientists have termed social jet lag? Here are our tips for getting back into the swing of things.

Drink Water - 7 tips to feel energised on first day back to work

1. Focus on hydration

You'll want to drink a lot of water in the detox from Christmas. Chances are you're probably dehydrated after eating all that salty foods, consuming lots of booze, and lounging around.

Over the coming weeks, aim to drink 2.5 litres a day. Fresh, cold water is one of your body's most valuable tools after Christmas. And using a reusable water bottle will make sure you're keeping on top of your H20 in an environmentally friendly way.

Take Collagen supplements - 7 tips to feel energised coming back from the Christmas break

2. Take collagen supplements

Collagen supplements can boost your brain health, and improve your mood. If you're suffering a post-Christmas comedown on your first day back after holiday celebrations, then these are great things to have around. Absolute Collagen brings real results without breaking the bank, which is especially important after Christmas when payday seems so far away.

Meditate - 7 tips to feel energised on first day back to work

3. Meditate

Your first day back to work is like being thrown into the deep end of a very large swimming pool. You're suddenly back amongst the paperwork, the angry customers or the endless meetings. Stress will drain your energy even more. Every night, take some time to meditate before you go to sleep. This doesn't have to be a fancy routine. Put on some calming ambient sounds - think pan flutes or wind chimes - and spend some time clearing your thoughts. Write things down, if it helps you to process your feelings. This can give you some much-needed moments to process and relax.

Pack a good lunch - 7 tips to feel energised coming back from the Christmas break

4. Pack a nicer lunch

Described as the 'holiday blues' or 'post-Christmas syndrome', the exhaustion and negativity that you'll feel after Christmas can leave you physically run down.

One way to keep that energy high is to pack a good lunch. Make it yummy and nutritious. Not only will it save you money, but it's a good way to bridge the gap between home and work. Soggy sandwiches can wait until another day.

Get back into exercise - 7 tips to feel energised coming back from the Christmas break 

5. Get back to exercise

Over the Christmas break, it's likely that you skipped a few trips to the gym. Family time is important, and those boxes of chocolates were calling.

Now that Christmas has come and gone, getting back into an exercise routine is crucial. Go to the gym at the end of your first day back after holiday time off work. Walk on your lunch break. Bring the treadmill back out of the garage, if you need to. Or just do some simple exercises and yoga at home when you get a spare half hour.

Don't let the sadness build up - 7 tips to feel energised on your first day back to work

6. Remember that the sadness will pass

If you're feeling tired and unhappy after Christmas, don't see this as something long-term. Remember that feeling a little down is normal, and it shouldn't continue much longer than your first day back at work.

Eventually, things will get back to normal again and you'll fall back into your routine. Seasonal depression is a thing that many people suffer from, even if they don't know it. If it continues past a few weeks, you'll want to consult with your GP as it might be something more serious.

Accept your mistakes - 7 tips to feel energised coming back from the Christmas break

7. Don't punish yourself even further

It's hard enough to adjust to the end of celebrations and to your first day back at work. But, this is the time of year when people add a challenge by announcing their New Year's resolutions.

At a time when you might already feel tired and jaded, don't make things worse by using your New Year's resolution as a punishment, like not eating your favourite food or doing something you love. Instead, choose something positive.

Don't deprive yourself. Promise yourself something new. Instead of banning chocolate, make a resolution to take daily vitamins. Instead of banning clothes shopping, make a resolution to get together with friends and enjoy a trip to your favourite store. Or make a resolution that helps you better yourself, like reading more books or deciding to update your skincare routine. Remember that everything is in moderation, so don't worry if you get off to a rocky start.

7 tips to feel energised coming back from the Christmas break

Use January to improve your health and wellness

The above seven tips are just some of the ways that you can get over the post-Christmas blues. Your first day back to work was probably  a difficult one to wake up for, but it came whether you liked it or not. You can't change the fact that Christmas is over. You can't erase January from your calendar, but you can change your attitude.

Now that the New Year celebrations are over, sit down and make a list. Your list should include all of the things that were positive about the previous year, and all of your goals for the next year. Don't start the year wishing that you were celebrating Christmas again, or feeling sad that the holidays are over. Think positive, and visualise all that you'll achieve once those distractions have faded.

Each new year has a maximum of 365 days in which you can change your life. Aim to leave the year in a better condition than you entered, so that you can look back with fond memories.

Your body is the most important thing you have. Without your health and wellness, none of those good things will come.

Enjoy good food, drink plenty of water, spend time with friends and make sure that you stay active throughout the year. If you take care of your body and your mind, good things will come your way.

Why not see how Absolute Collagen can bring good things in only two weeks? By the start of February, you could be enjoying a radiant and more confident you. With our drinkable sachets, you can keep your skin, nails, hair, gut, joints, and ligaments feeling good all the way through the year.