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The 3 Rules That Changed Maxine’s Life
July 9, 2020

The 3 Rules That Changed Maxine’s Life

If you’re wondering how to change your life, then meet the power of 'S.I.R.'

‘S.I.R’ stand for safe, important and respected. It's the motto I live by and it's my three pillars to a happy life.

I use 'S.I.R.' every day: it's how I raised my children, how I manage my household, and how I run my business. It's basically my mantra - but as I explain in the video below, it took me 53 years to understand and accept the power of safety, importance and respect in my own life.

What does 'S.I.R.' stand for?

Safe: Everyone deserves to feel safe, ensuring that customers feel safe with our product and secure when purchasing is so important.

Importance: Ensuring that everyone feels important - from staff, family to buyers - is a must-do. Customers need to feel like they are a part of the AC community and know how important they are to the business. One way to make yourself feel important is by doing something you love, and something that you know will help other people. I feel important because I love what I do, Receiving the many reviews we receive every day ensures we all feel important and I simply adore inspiring women every day.

Respect: Respect is the golden rule for a reason. Appreciating others and treating them with respect is empowering, and it’s necessary for the world. Meanwhile, self-respect is the biggest gift you can give yourself. Knowing your strengths and limits, and possessing the ability to say no, can help you set goals and feel confident in yourself. Listen to your inner voice, be honest with yourself, and you can start treating yourself the way you deserve to be treated.

How to change your life with S.I.R.

Applying these three basic rules to your everyday life will open so many possibilities. As I mention in the video, we tend to put others first - especially mothers. While you do need to apply the power of S.I.R. to everyone, turning it inward and using it to fill your dreams and goals, and most importantly, using S.I.R. to empower yourself, will have so many beautiful outcomes.

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