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Maxine's April Roundup: Ranting, Chit-Chat and Support During Covid-19 Isolation
July 9, 2020

Maxine's April Roundup: Ranting, Chit-Chat and Support During Covid-19 Isolation

Hello all you wonderful #absoluters,

Hope you are all ok and holding on in there.

As for me, well, so much for ‘just letting it go’’. Gone is the Mary Poppins version of Maxine in lockdown. I really lost the plot this month and resorted to screaming:

'I AM DONE WITH CLEANING, (I mean how many times a day can a girl tidy the kitchen), I am DONE with cooking, I am DONE with washing, and I am most certainly DONE with just letting it go.’

Is it ok to lose it now and again? Yes, I think it is, especially given the current situation we find ourselves in. And, boy, did I feel better after my rant!

For me, the role of a mother is to ensure the pond is as smooth as possible at all times. But this in itself is exhausting - and now and then we need to let our families know that we too are only human.

I am sorry we are all going through this terrible situation, and I hope you are all being supported by family and friends. I know a few people who are struggling right now, and I reach out to them now and then just to let them know that I care.

It doesn’t take a lot to pick up the phone for a chat even if it is just chit-chat about the weather or something.

Everyone needs someone. even when they think they’re ok. For me, having a virtual chat with my two closest friends makes me feel whole again.

So go on, pick up the phone and make someone you know feel loved.

If you want to reach out to our community of #Absoluters, we have a wonderful, supportive Facebook group online. You can join here.

Lots of love and be sure to stay safe & sane!


x x x

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