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The Benefits Of Collagen Supplements For Hair

Meet Our Hair Expert Eva Proudman, Chairman of the Institute of Trichologists

Here at Absolute Collagen, we’re proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with leading trichologist Eva Proudman. A Trichologist is clinically trained in all aspects of the hair and scalp health. Eva is here to offer advice to our customers who want to know more about the benefits of collagen for hair.

About Your Hair, Scalp & Collagen

Hair is made primarily of a protein called alpha-keratin. This is why Absolute Collagen benefits the hair as the essential amino acids contained within it all help to build and maintain healthy hair. The scalp provides the growing environment needed for hair. It is equally as important to have a healthy balanced scalp as it is to have lovely hair - the two go together.

Common Hair & Scalp Problems

Collagen For Hair Growth, Loss & Breakage

Many hair and scalp problems, in both men and women, exist. Some are treatable and correctable, some are permanent and need the very best cosmetic or surgical solutions possible. The health of our hair and scalp is very much influenced by our lifestyle, health and diet. This is where Absolute Collagen can really help with dietary deficiencies, ensuring protein and essential amino acids are consumed in a very easy to take, small liquid sachet.

Any changes in your hair health, including changes to the hairline in females, should be investigated. Often the earlier we see a condition the better the outcome. Common problems are excessive hair shedding, a general thinning, patchy loss and a flaky itchy scalp. Once a diagnosis is made and you start to take control of your hair and scalp destiny the effect on your well being is massive. It can literally change your life!

The Benefits Of Absolute Collagen Supplements For Hair

In a recent trial, Absolute Collagen helped with improving hair texture, decreasing hair fall, and calming inflamed itchy scaly scalps - pretty impressive for a little package that delivers a mighty 8 grams of protein and all 8 essential amino acids.

Absolute Collagen trichologist examining customer hair

Absolute Collagen Hair: The Science

The Absolute Collagen supplement contains the essential amino acids that the body requires, that can only be obtained from the diet, (i.e. the body cannot synthesize these essential amino acids). Amino acids are the building blocks of keratin, the protein that makes up the hair. They are responsible for the strength and elasticity of the hair, and support the natural growth cycle, and can be effective in treating disorders of the growth cycle where the hair sheds and regrows prematurely, leading to a loss in overall density. The amino acid cysteine is very important to the hair, and is produced by the body, and supported by the supplements contained within Absolute Collagen. Cysteine forms the covalent disulphide bonds in the hair, and these are the strongest bonds found in the hair and essential to overall hair health.

Amino Acid

Benefit for the Hair


Helps to improve blood supply to the roots of the hair and encourage hair growth


Improves the tensile strength of the hair


Aids muscle recovery and usage of proteins


Aids muscle recovery and usage of proteins


Aids in the absorption of iron a major cause in excessive hair shedding. Increases the efficiency of DHT blockers in the body, DHT is a major factor in male pattern hair loss


Helps the body manufacture keratin, the main structure of the hair shaft, adds smoothness and shine to the hair.


Can help with the symptoms of depression, something that many people with hair and scalp concerns suffer from, we know that feeling better and managing stress has a positive impact on the hair growth and scalp.


Essential for protein metabolisation, the formation of collagen and elastin. Can enhance the immune systems function.



Needed for our metabolism, and for adrenal, pituitary and thyroid glands, all of which have an impact on hair growth cycles, also good for treating anxiety and depression.

Frequently Asked Questions About Liquid Collagen For Hair

Will Collagen Make My Hair Grow Stronger?

Absolute Collagen can help to improve the quality of the hair when used as part of a treatment plan for certain conditions, it helps with blood supply, cell renewal, absorption of iron, and the overall strength of the hair.

Does Collagen Make Your Hair Grow Thicker?

It depends what is meant by thicker - the overall density of the hair is set by our genetics, it doesn't create new hair that will add to your existing hair, it can, however, help with keeping hair in the Anagen, (growing phase) for longer, which in turn can make the hair fell much denser in cases of excessive shedding.

Does Collagen Make Hair Grow Faster?

Unfortunately, the rate of hair growth is determined by the length of each individual’s Anagen Cycle which can be between 2 - 7 years, (growing Phase) and the rate of growth on average around 0.5 cm per month - so no, it doesn't make it grow faster!

Does Taking Collagen Affect The Feel of My Hair?

Yes, in the perception trial we conducted, every participant found that their hair was much smoother with a need for less conditioner, this change was evident as early as the second week of the trial and improved by the end of the first 4 weeks. When the trial ended and absolute collagen was stopped, hair texture started to return to what it was prior to the trial.

Absolute Collagen For Hair Loss - Does It Work?

It depends what the underlying causative factors are for the hair loss. In the case of Telogen Effluvium, (an excessive shedding) if the cause is diet related then, yes, Absolute Collagen can definitely help in the treatment and recovery plan. Why not check out our customers before and after photos of their hair?

How Long Does It Take To See The Effects Of Absolute Collagen?

In the perception trial, texture improvements were seen as early as 2 weeks after taking. With hair, as a general rule, you are looking at 4 months to see any real improvements from treatment and this was the case with one of the participants who had an improvement in excessive hair shedding.

Looking for hair advice? Customers are welcome to contact Eva via our contact form. Alternatively, if you’re yet to try Absolute Collagen for yourself, why not start today? We’d love for you to report back to us any benefits you see for your hair!