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Can collagen help with shaving rash?

Use Absolute Collagen for men to help with shaving problems.

August 23, 2018

Can collagen help with shaving rash?

August 23, 2018

Ask any bloke and they will tell you they've suffered with shaving rash at some point or another... and it isn't pleasant. 

Here with give you some top tips on avoiding the rash when you use the razor.

Absolute Collagen drink helps with shaving rash

Razor burn or razor rash is skin irritation that can be caused by dry shaving, shaving too rigorously or using blunt blades. 

Facial skin may seem smooth from the outset but it's actually a rough terrain - a magnified view of your face would show many peaks and troughs.

That's why it's so important to get a good quality, clean razor blade for a close, smooth and comfortable shave. 

Always wash your face thoroughly before each shave  - when the skin is hydrated it swells and softens, allowing for a better glide and less tug and pull.

Furthermore, lubricate with shaving gel or foam to enhance the glide across the skin. Choose a razor that has lubrication strips - if possible both before and after the blade.

Don't put too much pressure on the razor and let the blades do the work. Always switch blades as soon as you feel they are looking dull. 

If you can take the time to exfoliate before shaving - this can help lessen irritation. Exfoliating will blast away dirt, oil and old skin cells which might otherwise get in the way and matt down facial hair. Exfoliating can also help another problem - razor bumps.

Razor bumps are caused when hair that has been cut off close to the surface of the face turns around and begins to grow back into the skin, causing a painful bump.

Absolute Collagen can help to alleviate both razor rash and razor bump by hydrating the skin from the inside out and smoothing the surface. Collagen is also known for it's healing properties.