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July 29, 2019


FAQ: What is the real purpose of Collagen?

July 29, 2019

what is the purpose of collagen?

July 29, 2019

What is the purpose of collagen? Collagen is one of the most popular ingredients in the beauty industry right now, but how many of us know exactly what its purpose is?

Renowned as a miracle product, collagen is incredibly important in our bodies. It’s a protein and is found in our skin, bones, hair, muscles, tendons, and organs.

Collagen works hard on the inside of our bodies; glueing everything together and ensuring all the pieces inside work to the best of their ability.

Consider its purpose to be about keeping everything elasticated and replacing dead skin cells, and this is why it’s a key ingredient for so many beauty products, especially those that keep us looking young and healthy. 

So let’s look deeper into this protein and explore a few commonly asked questions about the purpose of collagen within our bodies. 

Have we always had collagen in our bodies?

Collagen in your body

Our bodies are made of around 20% protein, and 30% of this is collagen. It’s found naturally in our bodies from birth.

However, from the age of 25, collagen levels reduce. It’s not as scary as it sounds, and takes many years for us to notice a difference, but it’s all part of the inevitable aging process. 

Other factors such as smoking and too much time in the sun can also accelerate the loss of collagen in our bodies. 

It’s not easy to replace lost collagen through diet. Instead, our bodies make collagen by combining amino acids (found in foods with plenty of protein, such as eggs and fish) with vitamin C, zinc and copper.

This means many of us don’t get a substantial amount of collagen made through our diet alone. This the reason that collagen supplements such as Absolute Collagen have become so popular. 

The purpose of collagen for skin health

When it comes to fine lines and wrinkles, collagen is going to be one of the best ways to help redefine the skin.

Collagen is one of the most important elements in keeping your skin looking youthful and wrinkle free.

According to two 2014 clinical studies published in the Skin Pharmacology And Physiology Journal, collagen supplements are one of the best things you can take to reduce those pesky wrinkles.

Absolute Collagen is one of the most effective methods of ingesting collagen - our daily sachets of beauty are the perfect way to benefit from collagen.      

The purpose of collagen for muscle strength 

The more collagen we can give our bodies the better, and not just when we’re getting older either.

The purpose of collagen goes beyond aesthetics. It acts as a structural scaffold for soft tissues including muscles, cartilage and ligaments too.

When collagen is reduced, these vital muscles and ligaments can become weakened.

Collagen is rich in amino acids that help support muscle growth and strengthening of the ligaments. In order to build stronger muscles, collagen is a must. 

The purpose of collagen for joint pain

As we get older the tissue between our joints starts to deteriorate, making it increasingly harder to move around.

Eventually, this can develop into arthritis and other painful joint conditions that affect so many people.

One great way to help reduce or prevent deterioration of the joint tissue is by increasing your collagen intake.

Collagen is essential in the foundation of this tissue and the amino acids found in collagen add to supporting its health.

Adding collagen to your diet can help and support those all important connective tissues.    

The purpose of collagen for heart health

Collagen is important for a functioning cardiovascular system.

Collagen is what builds most of the structure in your arteries and blood vessels. It allows your blood to move smoothly and effectively through your body delivering oxygen to where it needs to go. 

Without the right amount of collagen, your blood vessels and arteries can start to weaken.

Ensuring that you have good quality collagen in your diet is vital for heart health because lacking in collagen is going to impede your body's ability to maintain a functioning cardiovascular system.     

The purpose of collagen for skin and nails

collagen for nails

For those of us with particularly brittle nails, we know how bad the struggle can be of trying to keep them from cracking or chipping.

A lot of people may just think that this is how things naturally are, but in reality brittle nails can be a sign of decreasing collagen. 

In a recent clinical study, researchers found that adding collagen supplements to your diet significantly increased your nail strength.

The area that roots your nail into the skin is dependent on collagen for the connecting tissue, so if you want strong, stable nails then collagen is definitely the way to go.      

Is there an age to start taking collagen?

We’d recommend taking collagen from your early twenties for full effect. Some people, however, feel they don’t need to start taking until they reach their 30s.

Nowadays the trend is about prevention so taking collagen earlier is best.

When people ask what is the purpose of collagen, it’s important to remember that everyone is different, and the key thing is that you feel confident and happy in yourself. 

How can I get more collagen?

Diet is a key factor here, as well as a daily collagen supplement like Absolute Collagen. It’s a fast, easy, safe, and efficient way to increase your intake. 

Collagen-based beauty products such as creams and serums are another way to refresh your skin and keep it looking healthy.

Creams applied topically are great but will not increase collagen production from the inside out like a collagen supplement.

Absolute Collagen, combined with diet, should be your first approach. 

What is the daily recommended intake of collagen?

So, what is the purpose of collagen? Collagen is vital for our internal organs, tissues, and muscles, and helps fight premature aging and oxidative stress from the inside out.

It’s simple - to keep our bodies looking and feeling at their best, as well as functioning properly. 

The recommended daily dosage is around 8 grams a day and it’s easier than ever to get this with the help of our easy-to-take Absolute Collagen sachets. 

Absolute Collagen comes in small ready mixed liquid doses. Liquids are easily absorbable (more than 90%) and contain our recommended daily amount, including vitamin C which is essential for collagen absorption and contains only 32 calories.

What more could you ask for?! If you’re ready to shop and start benefiting from your daily dose of collagen, we’ll be more than happy to help.

Try liquid marine collagen from £1.93 per day