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Should I Take Collagen Before or After a Workout?

Find out which is better and why collagen is a must-have part of your fitness routine.

May 16, 2019

Should I Take Collagen Before or After a Workout?

May 16, 2019

Collagen is a wonderful source of protein, but you might be wondering if you should take collagen before or after working out.

The good news is that it doesn’t matter. Whether you take your collagen before or after a workout, you’ll still reap all of the benefits collagen has to offer the body.

The benefits of collagen to the body

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, but unfortunately, our natural supply decreases as we age. Supplements like Absolute Collagen can actually help your body to produce more collagen as it kick-starts production.

There are so many benefits of collagen, most noticeably smooth skin, luscious hair and strong nails. It also helps the whole body. It’s a major building block for cartilage and muscles, so taking a collagen supplement can help you to preserve muscle mass and keep joints healthy.

Lots of intense exercises, combined with the natural ageing process, can actually decrease collagen production, so topping up is essential for a healthy body.

If you’re someone who loves a heavy HITT session, or if you prefer to hit the yoga mat instead of the weights, you can benefit from collagen before or after a workout. It will help to keep you in top shape for training.

Taking collagen before a workout

A 2018 study saw an improvement in ankle stability in athletes taking collagen pre-workout. Collagen can also help to balance nitrogen levels, a must for muscle growth.

About an hour before your workout, take a sachet of Absolute Collagen alongside a pre-workout snack (like a hard-boiled egg or nuts) for a boost.

Taking collagen after a workout

Another reason to take collagen post-workout is that it restores any nutrients that might have been lost during exercise. The amino acids glycine and proline speed up recovery time, while arginine can help to improve athletic performance.

Always finish your session with a protein shake. Add a sachet of Absolute Collagen to give your body the protein it needs. Each sachet contains 8 grams of collagen as well as 7.7 grams of protein.

It doesn’t matter whether you take collagen before or after a workout as studies support both methods. All in all, the benefits of collagen (whether pre or post-workout) will be the same: strong tendons, healthy joints, lean muscles and beautiful skin.

Just remember to take your sachet of Absolute Collagen daily for the best results!

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