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October 27, 2019


How to soothe scalp irritation with Eva Proudman

Our in-house trichologist explains what can relieve itchy, irritated scalps.

October 27, 2019

How to soothe scalp irritation with Eva Proudman

October 27, 2019

October has been a busy month in the clinic, with lots of questions about hair and scalp from all you #Absoluters keeping me busy! 

Flaky, itchy, irritated scalps become an increasing problem in the colder months, and I have seen an increase in patients who are suffering from different types of scalp irritation such as Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Eczema and Dandruff.  

The increase in scalp irritation at this time of year is largely due to the colder climate, increased stress levels and changes to diet.  If you see your GP about any of these conditions you will probably be given a steroid based product to remove the flakes and also a treatment shampoo.  

Trichology can offer a much better treatment. We use a specially formulated scalp cream to target the inflammation and flaking and to soothe the scalp irritation.  A relaxing steam treatment is then given to the hair and scalp to really hydrate it. This brings relief to scalp irritation that leads to itching and scratching. Lastly, we rinse in special shampoos and follow with some radiant heat.  

All my patients tell me that the relief from scalp irritation is amazing following a treatment. Without doubt these treatments are more effective than steroid creams and give a long lasting relief to scalp irritation.

Absolute Collagen can really assist with scalp irritation as it helps to reduce underlying inflammation that can lead to a scalp flare. We all need protein for cell renewal. Absolute Collagen adds a powerful kick of much needed protein to feed your hair cells, and to soothe your scalp irritation. 

The scalp is really important as it is the growing medium for super shiny and healthy luscious hair. If the scalp is not balanced, you can find that it triggers hair loss and that the hair doesn’t grow to its full potential. Inflamed, scaly irritated scalps can cause hair loss, so make sure you are treating your irritated scalp with the very best Trichological Treatments.

Man scratching back of head with scalp irritation.

Top hair care makeovers for October to soothe scalp irritation:

Give your ponytail a rest. You should let the scalp and hair recover from being permanently tied up, so relieve the stress on the hair and scalp and wear it down or in a softer style.  As the weather gets colder your hair gets dryer, remember to keep hydrated. 

You should also visit your hairdresser for a good trim. The summer months subject our hair to lots of free radical damage from the sun’s rays, so the hair can become dry and damaged, particularly on the ends. Talk to your hairdresser to make sure that any damaged, split ends are removed, or try a shorter style to allow the hair time to regrow without the damage.

The hair and scalp need moisture, so in the dark drab months of winter give it a good dose of moisture with a conditioning hair mask. Look for Glycerine in your choice of product as it really does make the hair smooth and shiny, and helps to moisturise the scalp, too. If you suffer from scalp irritation, hydration is vital in treating the problem. Treat yourself to a pampering hair and scalp steam treatment to really get relief from troublesome scalp irritation.

Use a really good shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo will remove pollutants from the hair whilst leaving natural oils and lipids behind to do their job.  A conditioner on the mid lengths and ends will keep locks smooth, shiny and protected.

Absolute Collagen can help to nurture and feed your hair from within. It’s packed full of essential amino acids that encourage strong hair growth as well as adding smoothness and shine to your hair.  Phenylalanine helps with the symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress, which has a positive impact on your hair and scalp, while Threonine helps to metabolise proteins and the formation of collagen whilst also enhancing the function of the immune system.

So for an autumn hair care makeover, combine good hair care with great nutrition, and especially a supplement of Absolute Collagen and you will be on the way to achieving healthy shiny hair that will carry you through the coming winter months.

As a Trichologist I am passionate that anyone who suffers with any kind of hair or scalp problem should have access to specialists who will not only diagnose their condition but will inform them of all the possible options open to them to treat, improve or cover their individual problems.

I love hearing from you all about your own hair and scalp questions, or concerns for family and friends, and am delighted to be able to offer advice to help you. For all those people who ask me, I can confirm that I am an #Absoluter too!

For more information or if you have any questions please contact me at