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August 01, 2017


Collagen in the Sun

Let's face it - we all love a bit of sunshine but can a collagen drink really help protect you from UV-related skin damage?

August 01, 2017

Collagen in the Sun

August 01, 2017

I am absolutely freezing… OK it might be 15 degrees but yesterday I was on a sun-lounger in Malta and it was 39 degrees in the shade!

Throughout my 10-day break in the beautiful sunshine I observed the scantily-clad all around me slapping on the Factor 30 and soaking up those rays and it got me thinking about UV-damage and collagen.

Absolute Collagen can help with protecting against sun damage

Sunlight, as we all know, has a profound effect on the skin which can result in premature ageing, skin cancer and a whole host of other (often painful) conditions. In fact – apparently, 90% of all symptoms of skin injury is on account of exposure to UV-light.

But in dreary old England especially, it’s little wonder that even the faintest glimmer of the sun gets us all stripping off hoping for a bit of a tan and to feel the warmth on our skin. Additionally, UV rays are actually essential as they enable us to make Vitamin D which is paramount for controlling inflammation and preventing insulin resistance.

And let’s face it – life just FEELS better when the sun is shining doesn’t it? So sun exposure is great for the soul but maybe not so great for the skin – or your collagen levels.

That’s because UV radiation causes collagen to break down at a higher rate than average ageing as it penetrates the middle layer of the skin (dermis). Collagen, as we know, is central to the elasticity of the skin – so without it, we are going to get more sagging, wrinkles and deep lines.

So as well as making sure you apply suncream liberally – what else can you do to ensure that the sun doesn’t do too much damage?

The good news is that collagen effectively makes your skin bullet-proof! Well maybe not entirely BUT collagen has been repeatedly shown to increase the skin cells’ resistance to UV light. A study fed patients a collagen peptide (the same kind found in Absolute Collagen) and the results showed their skin became highly resistant to UV ‘B’ rays, with a smaller decrease in skin-hydration and less hyperplasia (abnormal increase in the number of cells).

So this means that taking your daily dose of our collagen supplements may not only protect your skin from sun damage – but also put back in the collagen that is lost during sun exposure.

And the great thing is - our beauty boxes are ideal to take away with a 14-day supply of convenient travel sachets filled with our liquid collagen formula.

Protecting your skin from the inside out has never been more simple - and that’s sure good enough for me! 🌞